Is Flexitarianism a way to a healthy weight?

Flexitarianism sounds to me suspiciously like some weird Yoga cult, so what exactly is it?What is a Flexitarian?Supporters would say flexitarianism is the key to a healthy diet, but it's actually just the latest food fad to hit the news. Promoted by celebrity healthy eating evangelists like Jamie Oliver and Sir Richard Branson, it's basically a reduction in the amount of meat a person eats.  Some might call it part-time vegetarianism. It follows on from the "Meat Free Monday" crusade started by Paul and Stella McCartney nearly 10 years ago.Call me a rebel, but I'm always very sceptical of anything or anyone who tells me what to do. I want to know why this is a good idea before I'd even consider doing it myself.So why switch to flexitarianism?The newspapers have gone overboard with scare stories about the results of scientific research which link our consumption of red meat to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's and other chronic health conditions. The numb…

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Alcohol Just To Lose Weight

As this is a blog about successful and healthy weight loss you might expect me to tell you how terrible alcohol is for you. And you should stop drinking it straight away if you want to lose weight.

But you'd be wrong.

I know alcohol is not the healthiest drink going, but, provided you drink it in moderation I don't think that it's the devil some people would like you to believe.  And who wants to spend their lives only drinking water and stewed weed (that's herbal tea by the way, not any form of illicit substance).

I will certainly suggest that you only drink in moderation but I really don't believe that giving it up completely is going to help you lose any weight at all. Unless you’re a beer drinker.

Alcohol is a relaxant and stress is an enemy of weight loss, so logically drinking in moderation and feeling relaxed and de-stressed can only help your weight loss.

Of course there are some factors that you need to take into consideration. The issue with alcohol and…